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The Real Glory - G. Cooper
You In The Army Now - J Durante
Flat Top - S. Hayden
Aerial Gunner - C. Morris
Beach Head - C. Wilde
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo - S. Tracy
Atomic Submarine - A. Franz
Fighting Pilot - R. Talmadge
The Steel Claw - G. Montgomery
American Guerrilla In  The Philipines - T. Power
Purple Heart - D. Andrews
Fighting Guardsman - W. Parker
Young Lions - Marlon Brando
War Hunt - John Saxon
Green Berets - John Wayne
Tanganika - Van Heflin
Retreat Hell - F. Lovejoy
Beginning Or The End - B. Donlevy

Squadron Of Doom - J. D. King
Men Of Action - F. Darro
Guadalcanal Diary - A. Quinn
Fighting Seebees - J. Wayne
Pride Of Thr Marines - J. Garfield
Attack - J. Palance
Sands Of Iwo Jima - J. Wayne
Battle Of The Bulge - H. Fonda
Steel Helmet - G. Evans
Stalag 17 - W. Holden
The Long Volage Home
Wake Island - B. Donlevy
Twelve O'Clock High - G. Peck
Back To Batann - John Wayne
Baron's African War - R.Cameron
Red Beret - Alan Ladd
Destroyer - E.G. Robinson
Gathering Of Eagles - R. Hudson
Great Dictator - C. Chaplin

Battleground - V. Johnson
A Tale Of Two Cities - R. Colman
Crash Dive - T. Power
To The Shores Of Tropoli - J. Payne
Wings Of Eagles - J. Wayne
The Camp On Blood Island - C. Mohner
Purple Plains - G. Peck
Salute To The Marines - W. Berry
Battle Hynn -  R. Hudson
Objective Burma -  E. Flynn
Squadron Of Doom - L. Chaney - Jr.
Away All Boats - J. Chandler
Desert Command - John Wayne
Target Zero - R. Conte
Hitler's Madman - J. Carradine
Northern Pursuit - Errol Flynn
Iron Curtain - Dana Andrews


All Quiet On The Western Front - L. Ayres
They Were Expendable - R. Montigomery
Flying Letternecks - R. Ryan
Back To Bataan - A. Quinn
Operation Pacific - J. Wayne
Pork Chop Hill - G. Peck
Manila  Calling - Lloyd Nolan
Tanks Are Coming - S. Cochan
Sergeant York - G. Cooper
Strategic Air Command - J. Stewart
Young And The Brave - R. Calhoun
Farewell To Arms - R. Hudson

Back Door To Hell - J. Rodgers
Dunkirk - J. Mills
Pilot X - J. Carroll
Camp On Blood Island - C. Mahmer
Home Of The Brave - J. Edwards
Paths Of Glory - K. Douglas
GI Joe - R. Mitchem
Bridge At Toko - Ri - W. Holden
Fixed Bayonets - G. Evans
Beach Red - C. Wilde
The Frogmen - R. Widmark
Advance To The Rear - G. Ford
Fallen Sparrow - J. Garfield
The D.I. - Jack Webb
Frogman - R. Widmark

Take The High Ground - K. Malden
Go For Broke - V. Johnson
Men In War - R. Ryan
The Desert Fox - J. Mason
Desert Rats - J. Mason
Battle Cry - V. Heflin
Halls Of Montezuma - R. Widmark
Sahara - H. Bogart
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo - V. Johnson
Run Silent, Run Deep - C. Gable
Merrill's Marauders- J. Chandler
Marine Raiders - P. O'Brien
Lost Patrol - V. Mclaglen

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