great classic movies are the best. AMOS N' ANDY LIST
Disc One
The Society Party
Kingfish Teaches Andy To Fly
Kingfish Sells A Lot
The Girl Upstairs
Disc Ten
Disc Three
Disc Five
Disc Four
Disc Two
Disc Thirteen
Disc Eight
Disc Fourteen
Disc Seven
Disc Sixteen
Disc Eleven
Disc Nineteen
Disc  Eighteen
Disc Twelve
Disc Nine
Disc Six
Disc Seventeen
Disc Fifteen
The Gun
Quo Vadis
The Invisable Glass
The Rare Coin

The Chinchilla Business
Seeing Is Believing
The Christmas Story
The Antique Shop
Kingfish At The Ballpark
Andy Gets A Telegram
Ready Made Family
Father By Proxy
The Birthday Card
The Girl At The Station
Andy Buys A House
The Convention
The Broken Clock
Leroy Lends A Hand
Traffic Violations
The Second Honeymoon
Viva La France
The Income Show
The Vacation Show
The Light Blue Car
Cousin Effie's Will
The Insurance Policy
The Turkey Dinner
Kingfish Buys A Chair
Andy Falls In Love With An Actress
Kingfish Goes To Work
The New Neighbors
The Boarder
The Eyeglasses
The Winslow Woman
The Happy Stevenses
Getting Momma Married Pt. 1
Getting Momma Married Pt. 2
Kingfish Becomes A Press Agent
Kingfish's Last Friend
Young Girl's Mother
Kingfish Gets Drafted
Kingfish's Secretary
Counterfeiters In The Basement
The Lodge Brothers Complain
The Meal Ticket
Superfine Brush
The Diner
Amos Helps Out
Sapphire Disappears
The Ballet Tickets
Andy The Godfather
The Adoption
Madame Queen's Voice
The Uranium Mine
The Piggy Bank
Call LeHigh 4-9000
Kingfish Finds His Future
Leroy's Suits
The Classified Ad
Mr. Jackson Comes To Town
Kingfish Gets Amnesia
Introduction To The Cast
And Cartoons
Andy Gets Married
Kingfish Has A Baby
The Jewelry Store Robbery
The Engagement Ring
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Set Of 72 Episodes Of Amos N' Andy On 19 Discs. $69.95
Plus Amos N' Andy "Check And Double Check" Movie
And Calvin And The Colonel - Six Amos N' Andy Cartoons
Intro To The Cast. Rasslin Match - Lion Tamer
Set Of Ellery Queen Movies. Excellent Quality

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