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Alibi                                    Elmer The Great                     Gladiator       
Polo Joe                             Local Boy Makes Good          So You Won't Talk
You Said A Mouhful         Fit For A King                           Flirting With Fate
Broadminded                    Wide Open Faces                   Sons O' Guns
Brightslights                     A Very Honorable Guy           Going Wild
1,000 A Touch Down        When's Your Birthday            Day Bike Ride
Earthworm Tractors        Fireman Save My Child         Riding On Air
Spooks Beware               Son Of A Sailor  
The Mexican Spitfire Movie Series
1.  The Mexican Spitfire                       5.  The Mexican Spitfire Sees A Ghost
2.  The Mexican spitfire Out West     6.  The The Mexican Spitfire's Elephant
3.  The Mexican spitfire's Baby          7.  The Girl From Mexico
4.  The Mexican spitfire At Sea          8.  The Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event

The Mantan Moreland Set
starring Mantan Moreland
Set Of 8 Movies $24.95
1.  The Lucky Ghost (F .E. Miller)                                 5.  Freckles Comes Home (Gale Storm)
2.  Drums Of The Desert (Ralph Byrd)                        6.  Law Of The Jungle (Arlene Judge)
3.  The Gang's All Here (Frankie Darro)                     7.  You're Out Of Luck (Frankie Darro)
4.  Up In The Air (Frankie Darro)                                  8.  Let's Go Collegiate (Gale Storm, Keye Luke)

Comedy Classic Shows
Set Of 16 shows on 4 disc  -  $19.95
Edgar Kennedy       
1.Baby Daze
2.Good Housewrecking
3.Rough On Rents
4.Will Power
5.Help Wanted Femal

6. Wrong Direction
7. Beaux And Errors
8. Hold Your Temper
9. Feather Your Nest.

Leon Errol
11. Twins Husbands
12. Pretty Dolly
13. Bet Your Life
14. Oils Well That Ends Well
15. Lord Epping Returns
16. His Pest Friend 
Classic Comedie Movies
Any Feature Movie - $12.95
Carolyn Madden
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Laurel & Hardy Movies
Each Movie - $12.95
Swiss Miss
Great Guns
Big Noise
Nothing But Trouble
Air Raid Wardens
A Chump At Oxford
Pardon Us
Sons Of The Desert
Bonnie Scotland
March Of The Wooded Soldiers
Doubting Thomas - W. Rogers
Life Begins Ar Forty - W. Rogers
Always Leave Than Laughing - M. Berle
Crazy Horse - O. Olsen - C. Johnson
You Can't Cheat An Honest Man - W.C Fields
Story Of Will Rogers - W. Rogers Jr.
Whistling In The Dark - R. Skelton
My Little Chickadee - W. C. Fields
Never Give A Sucker A Break - W. C. Fields
Bank Dick- W.C. Fields
Steamboat Around The Bend - W. Rogers
Boy From Oklahoma - W. Rogers

Whistling In Dixie - R. Skelton
Amateur Hour - P. Boone
Good Humor Man - J. Carson
The Milkman - D. O'Conner
Colgate Comedy Hour - E. Cantor
Scare Stiff - D. Martin - Lewis
The Great Rupert - J. Durante
Scared Stiff - J. Haley
Rhubarb - J. Durante
Seven Little Foys - B. Hop
Kid From Kokomo - W. Morris
Charlie McCarthy Detective

Ghost Catchers - O. Olson - C. Johnson
Lucky Devils - B. Boyd
She Done Him Wrong - Mae West
Yellow Cab Man - R. Skelton
Lucky Ghost - M. Moreland
Freckles Come Home - M. Moreland
What The Birdie - R. Skelton
All Over Town - O. Olsen - C. Johnson
Jumping Jacks - D. Martin - Lewis
In Old Kentucky - W. Rogers
David Copperfield - W.C. Fields
Letter Of Introduction C. McCarty - E. Bergen

Tugboat Annie Sails Again - M. Rambeav
Lillian Russell - A. Faye - D. Ameche
Miracle Of Lassic
Caught In The Draft - B. Hope
Give Me A Sailor - B. Hope
Road To Utopia - B. Hope
Road To Zanzibar - B. Hope
Princess And The Pirate - B. Hope
Let's Go Collegiate - M. Moreland
You 're Out Of Luck - F. Darro
You In The Army Now. J. Durante
Hillbillys Haunted House - F. Husky

Slight Case Of Larceny - M. Rooney
Silly Billies - B. Wheeler - R. Woolsey
Gildersleeve's Ghost - H. Perry
Gildersleeve's Bad Day- H. Perry
Man On A Flying Trapeze - W. C. Fields
Gildersleeve's On Broadway - H. Perry
Gasoline Alley - S. Beckett
Corky If Gasoline Alley - S. Beckett
Boy What A Girl - Tim Moore

Three On A Limb - B. Keaton
Love Nest On Wheels - B. Keaton
Blue Blazes - B. Keaton
The Chemist - B. Keaton
Mixed Magic - B. Keaton
Ditto - B. Keaton
Buster Keaton Comedies
Grand Slam Opera - B. Keaton
Jail Bait - B.Keaton

Eight Shorts On Two Dvds - $17.95
Henry Aldrich Comedies
Ten Movies on Ten Dvds - $24.95
Henry Aldrich - Plays Cupic
Henry Aldrich - Boy Scout
Henry Aldrich - For President
Henry Aldrich - Gets Gramour
Henry Aldrich - Haunts A House
Henry Aldrich - Henry And Dizzy
Henry Aldrich - Life With Henry
Henry Aldrich - Swings It
Henry Aldrich - Editer
Henry Aldrich - Little Secret
Blondie And Dagwood Comedies
Blondie's Blessed Event - P. Singleton
Leave It To Blondie- P. Singleton
Blondie - P. Singleton
Blondie Meets The Boss - P. Singleton
Blondie Takes A Vacation - P. Singleton
Blondie Brings Up Baby - P. Singleton
Blondie On A Budget - P. Singleton
Blondie Has Servant Troouble - P. Singleton
Blondie Plays Cupid - P. Singleton
Blondie Goes Latin - P. Singleton
Blondie In Society - P. Singleton
Blondie Goes To College - P. Singleton
Blondie's Lucky Day - P. Singleton
Blondie's Secret - P. Singleton
Set Of 14 Movies $29.95
Joe E. Brown Comedies
Set of 23 Movies $34.95
Francis The Talking Mule
Francis - D. O,Connor
Francis Goes To The Races - D. O,Connor
Francis In The Navy - D. O,Connor

Francis Joins The Wacs - D. O, Connor
Francis Covers The Big Town - D. O, Connor
Francis In The Haunted House - M. Rooney (rare)
Each Movie - 12.95
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