great classic movies are the best. Classic TV Shows

State Trooper TV Show   
starring Rod Cameron
Set Of 59 Episodes On Eight Discs  $30.95

The Green Hornet Tv Show
starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee
Set of 26 Episodes On 5 Discs  $29.95
  Silent Gun                                                   The Preying Mantis                             Corpse Of The Year Part 2
  Give Em Enough Rope                              Hunters And The Hunted                     Ace In The Hole       
  Programed For Death                               Deadline For Death                             Bad Bet On 459 Silent
  Crime Wave                                                Secret Of Sally Belle                           Trouble For Prince Charming
  Frog Is A Deadly Weapon                         Freeway To Death                              The Scarf
  Eat, Drink, And Be Dead                            May The Best Man Lose                      Hornet Save Thyself
  Beautiful Dreamer Part One                    Hornet And The Firefly                        Invasion From Space Part 1
  Beautiful Dreamer Part Two                    Seek Stalk And Destroy                       Invasion From Space Part 2
  The Ray Is For Killing                         Corpse Of The Year Part 1
The New Adventures Of China Smith Tv Show
starring Dan Duryea
Set of 18 Episodes On 3 Discs  $25.95
  Tidewater                                         High Seas                       Paper Dragon
  Black Wings Of The Firebird       Plane To Tainan           Forbidden Atoll
  Bandit Of Malayia                          Bamboo Coffin              My Ship Has A Golden Keel
  Sign Of The Scorpion                   Yellow Jade                    Phantom Sampan
Talons Of Tonkin                           Shanghi Clipper             Jungle Dragon
  Night The Dragon                          Devil Chaser                  Year Of The Phoenix
Captain Gallant Of The Foreign Legion Tv Shows
starring Buster Crabbe and Cullen "Cuffy" Crabbe
          Set of  12 Episodes On Two Discs  $21.95
The Informer's Map                                 Sworn Revenge *
Gallant's New Post                                   Cuffy's Christmas *
Dr. Legionnaire                                         Lost Caravans *
The Long Night                                        Kidnapping Of Tom Lankton *
The Camel Race *                                    Dr. Legionnaire
Cuffy's Good Deed                           The Recruit *

The Jungle Jim TV Shows
starring Johnny Weismueller
Set of 24 Episodes On 3 Discs  $29.95
  Safari Danger                          Land Of Terror                  The Golden Parasol
  Gift Of Evil                             Man Killer                              The Avenger
  Treasure Of The Incas        Voodoo Drums                   The Power Of Darkness
  Code Of The Jungle            Blood Money                        Jungle Justice
The King's Ghost                 The Sacred Scarab            The Silver Locket
  Man From Zanzibar              Lagoon Of Death                 Wild Man Of The Jungle
White Magic                           Precious Cargo                   A Fortune In Ivory
  The Deadly Idol                     The Eyes Of Manobo          Striped Fury
The Abbott And Costello TV Shows
starring Abbott And Costello
Set of 25 Episodes On 5 Discs           $34.95

      Buy both sets on 10 discs - $54..95

        Season One Collection
  The Drugstore                                           Pots And Pans                           Bingo
  The Dentist Office                                    The Charity Bazaar                  Hillary's Birthday
  Jail                                                                The Western Story                  Television
  The Vacation                                             The Haunted House                 Las Vegas
  The Birthday Party                                   Peace And Quiet                      Little Old Lady
  Alaska                                                         Hungry                                        The Actors' Home
  The Vacuum Cleaner Salesman           The Music Lovers                    Police Rookies
  The Army Story                                         The Politician                             Safari
                                                                           Getting A Job
The Abbott And Costello TV Shows
starring Abbott And Costello
Set of 26 Episodes On 5 Discs  $34.95

     Buy  both sets on 10 discs - $54.95

   Season Two Collection
  The Paperhangers                         $1000 TV Prize                                Public Enemies
  Uncle Bozzo's Visit                       Amnesia                                            Bank Hold Up
  In Society                                         Efficiency Experts                          Well Oiled
  Life Insurance                                 Car Trouble                                      The Pigeon
  Pest Exterminators                        Wife Wanted                                    Honeymoon House
  Killer's Wife                                      Uncle From New Jersey              Fencing Master
  Cheapskates                                   Private Eye                                      Beauty Contest Story
South Of Dixie                                   The Tax Return                              Fall Guy
  From Bed To Worse                                                                                     Barber Lou
Andy Hardy TV Shows
starring Mickey Rooney
Set Of 18 Episodes On 8 Discs     $24.95
Blondie And Dagwood TV Shows
starring Arthur Lake and Penney Singleton
25 Episodes On 4 Discs  $29.95
  1.  Pilot without Arthur Lake             9.   Dagwood Is Fired                         18.  The Spy
  2.  Dagwood The Millionaire            10.  The Rummage Sale                      19.  Cupid's Question
  3.  Trouble With Birds                       11.  Dagwood's Blunder                      20.  The Tramp
  4.  House Guests                               12.   Blondie Hires A Maid                   21.  Follow That Man
  5.  A Gun For Dithers                         13.  Blondie Redecorates                   22.  The Party
  6.  Blondie Finds $50,000                   14.  Blondie's Double                          23.  Howdy, Neighbor
  7.  The Lucky Idol                               15.  The Quiz Show                              24.  Sudden Wealth                                                                                          
  8.  Blondie's Anniversary                 16.  Husbands Once Removed          25.  It's The Birds
                                                                 17.  Deception

Terry And The Pirates TV Shows
starring John Baer
Set of 12 Episodes On 3 Discs        $21.95
1.  Macao Gold (guest star: Keye Luke)              7.  Little Mandarin (guest star:  Victor Sen Young)
2.  Diplomatic Passport                                           8.  Boxer' s Rebellion
3.  Loaded Dice Affair                                              9.  The Maitland Affair
4.  Chinese Legacy                                                10.  Tea Hee
5.  Black Market For Death                                   11.  Green God (guest stars: Phyllis "Lois Lane" Coates, 
6.  Co-Pilots                                                              12.  Chinese Coffin
Highway Patrol TV Shows
starring Broderick Crawford
Set of 48 Episodes 12 Discs    $34.95
The Life Of Riley TV Shows
starring William Bendix
Set of 31 Episodes  On 4 Discs       $29.95

  1.  Riley Camps Out
  2.  Riley's Operation
  3.  Riley Steps Out
  4.  Riley, Animal Lover
  5.  The Hamburger Stand
  6.  Young Man's Family
  7.  Love Comes To Waldo
  8.  Bab's Dream House
  9.  Riley's Burning Ambition
10.  The Boss's Neice
11.  Bab's School Electionh
12.  Riley The Worrier
13.  Junior's Secret
14.  The Dog Watch
15.  Junior's Double Date
16.  Riley Teaches Junior To Box
17.  The Executive Type
18.  Family Reunion
19.  Vacation
20.  Junior, Juvenile Delinquent
21.  Come Back, Little Junior
22.  Do It Yourself
23.  Riley Balances His Budget
24.  Riley's Separation
25.  Destination Brooklyn
26.  Riley's Anniversary
27.  The Heart Of Texas
28.  Bab's Wedding
29.  Junior Quits School
30.  Help For Honeybee
31.  Del Mar Vista
The Life Of Riley TV Shows
starring Jackie Gleason
Set of 24 episodes on 3 discs - $29.95
Laurel & Hardy Comedy Shorts
starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
Set of 32 episodes on 8 discs - $ 34.95
  1. County Hospital
  2.  Dirty Work
  3.  Beau Hunks
  4.  Chickens Come Home
  5.  Another Fine Mess
  6.  Brats
  7.  Murder Case
  8.  Be Big
  9.  Their First Mistake
10.  Block Heads
11.  Midnight Patrol
12.  Tit For Tat
13.  Twice Two
14.  Hog Wild
15.  Below Zero
16.  Chimp

17.  Helpmates
18.  Thicker Than Water
19.  Towed In A Hole
20.  Music Box
21.  Going Bye, Bye
22.  Laughing Gravy
23.  Busy Bodies
24.  Our Wife
25.  Night Owls
26.  Oliver, The Great
27.  Fixer Uppers
28.  Scram
29.  Blotto
30.  Me And My Girl
31.  Live Ghost
32.  Them Thar Hills
Carolyn Madden
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1.  Tonsils
2.  Babs And Simon Step Out
3.  Egbert's Chemistery Set
4.  The French Professor
5.  Nervous Breakdown
6.  Assistant Manager
7.  Riley's Birthday Gift
8.  Riley, Gillis & Vanderhopper Inc
1.  Night School
2.  Prom Dress
3.  Junior's Birthday Party
4.  The Boarder
5.  Peg's Birthday
6.  Junio Drops Out
7.  Riley's First Born
8.  Insurance
1.  Acting Lessons
2.  Valentine's Day
3.  Home Sweet Home
4.  South American Job
5.  Riley's Quarrel
6.  Junior and The Bully
7.  The Banned Book
8.  Five Dollar Bill
Harbor Command Tv Shows --- very rare
Starring Wendell Corey
Set 0f 38 Episodes On 11 disc.      
  1.  Lover's Lane Bandits
  2.  Lobster Smuggling
  3.  Clay Pigeon
  4.  The Psychiatrist
  5.  Sanctuary
  6.  Desperate Men
  7.  Date With Eternity
  8.  Sunken Gold
  9.  Decoy
10.  Arson
11.  Shore Patrol
12.  Ghost Ship
13.  Bum's Rush
14.  Camphor Tubes
15.  Boat Bomb
16.  The Bag
17.  Fisherman's League
18.  Frightened Witness
19.  The Assassin
20.  Counterfeit Money
21.  Final Score
22.  Contraband Diamonds
23.  The Big Hoax
24.  The Witness
25.  Killer On My Doorstep
26.  Murder On Pier #7
27.  Dead On "B" Deck
28.  Ransom At Sea
29.  Trapped Pilings
30.  Harbor Mission
31.  Gold Smugglers
32.  Four To Die
33.  Hostage
34.  Rendezvous At Sea
35.  Right To Die
36.  floating Transmitter
37.  Illegal Entry
38.  Yacht Club
The Lineup Tv Shows -- very rare
Starring Warner Anderson and Tom Tully
1.  The Assault Case
2.  The Christmas Story
3.  Cop Killer
4.  Ann Brenniger Story
5.  The False Witness Case
6.  The Robert Avery Case
7.  The Paisley Gang
8.  The Girls and The Guns
Set of 16 episodes on 2 discs   24.95
  9.  The Kasino Case
10.  Cop Shooting
11.  The Silk Stocking Case
12.  The Finley Case
13.  The Warton Case
14.  The Professional Guest Case
15.  The Paper Millionaire Case
16.  The Stanley Devlin Case
The Lone Wolf Tv Shows - very rare    
Set Of  40 episodes on 5 discs  34.95
  1.  Long Brach Story                                           
  2.  The Avalanche Story
  3.  The Chinese Story
  4.  The Carnival Story
  5.  The Blue Lantern Story
  6.  The Ski Story
  7.  The Plantation Story
  8.  Pursuit
  9.  The Malibu Story
10.  The Murder Story
11.  The Honolulu St.
12.  Skid Row
13  .The Arena
14. The Hiarachi Story
15. The Las Vegas Story
16. The Italian Story
17. The Hunt
18. The Oil Story
19. The Boy Story
20. The Emerald Ring
21. The Department Store Story
22. The Mexico Story
23. The Art Story
24. The Carlsbad Big Lie Story
25. The Last Ballet Story
26. Bevery Hills Story 
27. The Jet Story
28. The San Francisco Story
29.The Sewage
30. Deep Sea Driving
31. The Werewolf Story
32. The Stamp Story
33. The Minister Story
34. The Robbery Story
35. The Wife Story
36. The Planetarium Story
37. The San Pedro Story
38. The Runaway Story
39. The Newhall Story
40. Philo Vance Detective
Starring Louis Hayward
Public Defender Tv Shows -- rare
Starring Reed Hadley -
Set of 39 episodes on 5 discs.   29.95
    Diane Collins Story
    Hitch Hiker
    Never Come Back
    Bad Boys
    Last Appeal
    Coal Mine Rage
    Living A Lie
    Nora Fulton Story
    Anything For A Thrill
    Do Gooders
   Two Brothers
   Wade Foster
   The Arsonist

Papa Hart
  Return Of The Dead
  Tommy Norton
  Lost Cruise
  Pauper's Gold
  Think No Evil
  The Director
  Unfit Mother
  Hot Rod
  Step Child
  Mama's Boy
  Your Witness
  Losing Streak
  Nun & The Jockey
  End Of The Line
  Big Race
  Memory Of Murder
  Murder Photo
  Modern Fagin
  Operation Fleet
  High Stakes
  Crash Out
  1.  Prison Break
  2.  Father Thief
  3.  Christmas Story
  4.  Machine Napping
  5.  Hitch Hiker
  6.  Deserted Town
  7.  Radioactive
  8.  Reformed Criminal
  9.  Retired Gangster
10.  Phony Insurance
11.  Escort
12.  Resort
13.  Motorcycle
14.  Art Robbery
15.  Runaway Boy
16.  Statute Of Limitations

17.  Resident Officer
18.  Suspected
19.  Trojan Horse
20.  Female Hitchhiker
21.  Reformation
22.  Double Cross
23.  Hired Killer
24.  Hostage Copter
25.  Temptation
26.  Hostage Family Copter
27.  Hot Dust
28.  Chain Store
29.  Deaf Mute
30.  Mother's March
31.  Insulin
32.  Hit And Run
33.  Police Woman
34.  Polka Dot Bandit
35.  Seventh Green
36.  Truckers
37.  Motorcycle
38.  Officer's Wife
39.  Stripped Cars
40.  Convict's Wife
41.  Phony Cop
42.  Deadly Diamonds
43.  Blood Money
44.  The Judge
45.  The Trap
46.  Expose'
47.  Breath Of A Child
48.  Narcotics Racke
Soldiers Of Fortune Tv Shows
Starring John Russell- Chick Chandler
Set Of 28 episodes on 7 discs.  29.95
1.  Runaway King
2.  Jungle Search
3.  Last Days Of Delores
4.  Boomerang
5.  Treasure Of Vickers Island
6.  Danger Sistes
7.  Elephant Gun
8.  Cut Charlie In
9.  Hat At 40 Fathoms
10.  Massacre At Moklara
11.  Slave Market
12.  Temple Of Terror
13.  Gift Of Death
14.  Pearls Of Dondra Head
15.  Escape At Rantak
16.  Aloha Means Goodbye
17.  Return Of The Hawk
18.  Run Till You Die
19.  Doubled In Diamonds

20.  Guns For El Khadar
21.  General
22.  Drums Of Far Island
23.  Escape From Camp
24.  Limehouse Knights
25.  River Of Death
26.  Attack At Ras El Ma
27.  Pipeline To Dange4r
28.  Green Trap
Lock Up Tv Shows
Starring MacDonald Carey
Set of 48 episodes on 12 discs. 29.95
The Crusader Tv Shows -- rare
Starring Brian Keith
Set Of 14 Episodes on 4 discs.- $21.95
1. Farm
2. Freezeout
3. Innocent Bystander
4. Open Highway
5. Sharks
6. Girl Across The Hall
7. Rookie Cop
8. Way Out
9. Big Sneak
10. Vistor
11. Cop Killer
12. Expose
13. Boy On The Brink
14. Secret
The Third Man Tv Shows
Starring Michael Rennie
Set of 20 episodes on 5 discs.       24.95
Martin Kane - Private Eye Tv Shows
Starring Mark Stevens-Lloyd Nolan-William Gargan
Set of 24 episodes on 6 discs.     29.95
1.  Witness To A Murder
2.  Milk Bottle Thief
3.  Heroin Shipment
4.  D. A. Murder
5.  Money Stolen
6.  Beauty Queen
7.  Lloyd Nolan Part One
8.  Lloyd Nolan Part Two
  9.  Lee Tracy Part One
10.  Lee Tracy Part Two
11.  The Well
12.  Eyewitness
13.  Harry Wright Case
14.  John Bixby Murder
15.  Murder On Ice
16.  A Singer Murder
17.  Yacht Murder
18.  Missing Seaman
19.  Fortune Teller
20.  Three Strange Sisters
21.  Comic Strip Artist
22.  Nevens Murder Trail
23.  Burmuda Beauty Queen Murdered
24.  Mrs Miller's Money
1. Bad Bargain
2. Black Sheep
3. Buried Treasure
4. Chartered Chiseler
Federal Men
Walter Greaza
1. Van Meter
2. The Unholy Three
3. The Phantom
4. Quirley Gang
Gang Busters
Richard Crane
1. First Arrest
2. High Seving
3. Saturday Last
4. To Trap A Thief
Decoy Police Women
Beverly Garland
1. Murder Ph.D
2. Murder Scores A Knockout
3. One Minute Four Murder
4. The Hermit's Cat

Rocky King Detective
Rosco Karns
Classic Television Shows From 1930s, 40s, 50s
Set of 16 episodes on 4 discs. - $16.95
Mickey Rooney Tv Shows
"Hey Mulligan"
Set Of 34 Episodes On 8 Discs  $29.95
Pilot Episodes
Moon Or Bust
Disc Jockey
Double Trouble
Grunion Hunt Mystery
Lion Hunt
The Bronic Buster
Tiger Mulligan
The Othe Women
Diamond In The Rough
Extra: Mickey Rooney Interview

7 Days To Doom
Cinderella Nell
Star Struck
Average Man
Friends And Foes
The Producer
House Party
Giant Killer
Miss Ibc
Rhe Guardian
Extra: Mickey Rooney Movie Trailers
The Executive
Big Business
The Seance
The Voice
Fan Mail
Scoop Milligan
The Fur Coat
Basketball Star
Wedding Present
Mickey & The Mummy
Extra: Micky Meets Deadeye
Mickey Meets Ludwig Von Humperdoo
Adventures Of Robinhood Tv Shows
Starring Richard Green
40 Episodes On 10 Discs       $21.95
Coming Of Robinhood
The Moneylender
Dead Or Alive
Fried Tuck
Maid Marian
Guest For The Gallows
The Challenge
Queen Eleanor

The Highlander
Youngest Outlaw
Sheriff's Boots
Errand Of Mercy
Husband For Marian
Richard The Lion-Heart
Ladies Of Sherwood
Will Scarlet
Deserted Castle
Trail By Battle
Children Of Greenwood
Mary Queen
Byzantine Treasure
Secret Mission
Tables Turn
Thorkil Ghost
Knight Who Came To Dinne
The Lawless Years Tv Shows
Starring James Gregory
27 Episodes On 9 Discs.    $29.95
The Max Gorman Story
The Muddy Kasoff Story
Four The Hard Way
The Tony Morrelli Story
The Ray Baker Story
The Story Of Lucky Silva
The Morrison Story
The Poison Ivy Story
The Nick Joseph Story
The Immigrant Story
The Jane Cooper Story
The Stoty Of Cutie Jaffe
The Dutch Schultz Story
The Lion And The Mouse
No Fare
The Payoff
The Marie Walters Story

The Prantera Story
The Al Brown Story
The Big Greeny Story
The Art Harris Story
The Billy Boy "Rockabye"
Creel Story
The Big Man
The Joe Angelo Story
The Billy Grimes Story
The Sonny Rosen Stoty
New Adventures Of Charlie Chan Tv Shows
Starring J. Carrol Naish - Charlie Chan
39 Episodes On 10 Discs.    24.95
Bowl By Cellini
Without Fear
Circle Of Fear
No Holiday For Murder
Charlie's Highland Fling
Noble Art Of Murder
Patient In Room 21
Death Of A Don
Final Curtain
Rajput Ruby

No Future For Frederick
The Man In The Wall
Secret Of The Sea
Lost Face
Voo Doo Death
Death At High Tide
Blind Man's Buff
Man With 100 Faces
Patron Of The Arts
Great Salvos
Your Money Or Your Wife

Exhibit In Wax
The Sweater
Dateline Execution
Three For One
Rhyme Or Treason
The Point Of No Return
Three Men On A Raft
Safe Deposit
Airport Murder Case
The Hand Of Hera Dass
The Chippendale Racket

Rocky Jones Space Rangers Tv Shows
Starring Richard Crane
36 Episodes On 8 Discs.   $24.95
Topper Tv Shows
Starring Leo G. Carroll
43 Episodes On 11 Discs.    $34.95
Topper Meets The Ghosts
The Movers
Hiring The Maid
The Hypnotist
The Spinster
Bank Securities
The Kid
Burglar Episode
Uncle Jonathan
The Car Story
Topper's Desert Island

Second Honeymoon
The Socialite
Surprise Party
The Decoration Episode
Topper Goes To Vegas
Topper Goes West
The Neighbors
The Package
The Wedding
Preparations For Europe
Theatrical Episode
Topper Tells All
Topper's Ransom
County Fair
The Seance
The Chess Player
Topper Goes To Washington
Topper's Other Job

Topper Lives Again
Topper Hits The Road
Topper at The Races
Topper's Amnesia
Topper's Arabian Night
Topper Makes A Movie
King Cosmos The First
Topper Fights A Duel
Topper's Egyptian Deal
Topper's Uranium Pile
The Ozzie & Harriet Tv Shows - 1
Halloween Party
The Ballet
The Tuba Incident
The Traffic Signal
The Bowling Alley
The Orchid And The Violet
The Pancake Mix
The New Chairs
The Boy's Paper Route
David's 17 Birthday
Suggestion Box
The Initiation
Father And Son Tournament
Be On Time
An Evening With Harriet
The Bird's Nest
The Odd Bolt
Pajama Game
Music Appreciation
A Ball Of Tin Foil
The Car Mix - Up
A Day In Bed
David Picks Up The Tab
Ozzie's Double
A Hairstyle For Harriet

The Duenna
The Reading Room
The Jet Pilot
The Editor
Ricky The Drummer
Ricky's Big Night
Ozzie's Triple Banana  Suprise
Tutti- Frutti Ice Cream
The Christmas Tree Lot
Road Race
The Old Band Pavilion
The Top Gun
The Bachelor
The Magic Of Three
The Bridge Group
A Cruise For Harriet
Ricky's Riding Lesson
The Motorcycle
Rick's Dinner Guest
Jealous Joe Randolph
The Exploding Book
The Little Black Box
The Sea Captain
David The Law Clerk
David The Sleuth
50 episodes on 6 discs. - $29.95
The Ozzie & Harriet Tv Shows - 2
50 episodes on 6 discs. - $29.95
Rick Gets Even
David Goofs Off
No News For Harriet
His Brother's Girl
A Sweater For Rick
David's Almost In-Laws
David Hires A Secretary
The Girl In The Emporium
The Girl Who Loses Things
Safe Husbands
Two Small Boys And A Dog
Dave's Golf Story
The Little House
The Manly Arts
A Question Of Suits And Ties
Built-in TV Set
The Dancing Lesson
The Fraternity Rents Out A Room
Dave Goes Back To Work

The Barking Dog
A Lamp For Dave And June
Making Wally Study
Lonesome Parents
Little Handprints In The Sidewalk
Rick And The Maid Of Honor

The Tigers Go To A Dance
Rick Sends A Picture
An Old Friend Of June's
Decorating Dave's Office
Woman's Club Bazaar
Dave And The Fratenity Lease
Ozzie, Joe And The Fashion Models
A Wife In The Office
A Letter About Harriet
The Ballerina
A Bedtime Story
Kris Plays Cupid
The Petition
Rick's Raise
Breakfast For Harriet
A Painting From The Past
A Rose A Day
Kris And The Queen
The Prowler
A Message Fom Kris
Flying Down To Lunch
The Ghost Town
Trip Trap
Waiting For Joe
Dave's Other Office
Ozzie & Harriet Tv Shows
Both Sets - 100 episodes On 12 discs. - $ 44.95
Buccaneers Tv Shows
Starring - Robert Shaw
30 episodes on 8 discs. 24.95
Before The Mast
Dan Tempest And The Amazons
Articles Of War
The Hand Of The Hawk
Indian Fighter
Gentleman Jack And The Lady
Mr. Beamish And The Hangman's Noose
Dead Man's Rock
Blood Will Tell
The Return Of Calico Jack
The Raider
Captain Dan Tempest
Dan Tempest's War With Spain
The Wasp
Whale Gold
The Slave Ship
Gunpowder Plot
The Ladies
The Surgeon Of Sangree Rojo
Ghost Ship
Mother Doughty's Crew
Conquest Of New Providence
Cutless Wedding
Aztec Treasure
Prize Of Andalusia
Mistress Higgins' Treasure
The Spy Aboard
The Time Tunnel Tv Shows
Starring James Darren
16 episodes on 4 discs.  19.95
Rendezvous With Yesterday
The Last Patrol
Crack Of Doom
Revenge Of The Gods
One Way To The Moon
End Of The World
The Day The Sky Fell In
Unaired Pilot Episode
Devil's Island
Reign Of Terror
Secret Weapon
The Death Trap
The Alamo
Night Of The Long Knives
M Squad Tv Shows - 1
Starring Lee Marvin
58 episodes on 8 Discs.   34.95
The Golden Look
The Watchdog
Neighborhood Killer
Pete Loves Mary
Face Of Evil
Streets of Fear
The Matinee Trade
The Hard Case
Killer In Town
Diamond Hard
The Alibi Witness
The Specialists
Family Portrait
The Palace Guard
The Slow Trap
The Cover Up
Blue Indigo
The Long Ride
The Shakedown
Dolly's Bar
Lover's Lane Killing
The Frightened Wife
The Black Mermaid
The Man In Hiding
Chicago Bluebeard
Girl Lost
Shot In The Dark
The Twenty-Six Girl
The Fight
Guilty Alibi
The Healer
Day Of Terror
The $20 Plates
The Case Of The Double Face
The System
The Women From Paris
More Deadly
Dead Or Alive
The Missing Claimant
The Refugee
The Trap
Force Of Habit
The Phantom Raiders
The Merits Of The Case
The Big Kill
The Sitters
The Executioner
The Windows
Prescription For Murder
The Teacher
The Third Shadow
One Man's Life
The Jumper
The Lost Act
Mugger Murder
M Squad Tv Shows - 2
Starring Lee Marvin
59 episodes on 8 Discs.   34.95
The Star Witness
The Take Over
Voluntary Surrender
Death Threat
The Harpies
Ghost Town
The Vanishing Lady
The Crush Out
The Fire Makers
The Terror On Dark Street
Robber's Roost
The Baited Hook
Model In The Lake
The Outsider
High School Bride
The Dangerous Game
Decoy In White
Grim's Rabbits
The Platter Pirates
Death Is A Clock
Tem Minutes To Doomsday
The European Plan
Sunday Punch
Jeopardy By Fire
Murder In C-Sharp Minor
The Human Band
Mama's Boy
Shared Of Doubt
Death By Adoption
Another Face, Another Life
Voice From The Grave
The Upset
One Of Our Armored Cars Is Missing
The Ivy League Bank Robbers
The Twisted Way
The Man Who Went Straight
The Second Best Killer
Pitched Battle At Bluebell Acres
The Man Who Lost His Brain
A Debt Of Honor
The Man With Frank's Face
Burglar's Nightmare
Needle In  A Haystack
Race To Death
The Velvet Stakeout
Anything For Joe
A Kid Up There
Diary Of A Bomber
Let There Be Light
A Gun For Mother's Day
Man With The Ice
Dead Parrots  Don't Talk
A Grenade For A Summer's Evening
Two Days For Willy
Badge For A Coward
Closed Season
Fire In The Sky
The Tiger's Cage
The Bad Apple
M Squad Tv Shows - Both Sets-1-2
Starring Lee Marvin
117 episodes on 15 Discs.   54.95
The Millionaire Tv Shows
Set Of 40 episodes on 10 discs.$24.95
This was one of the most popular shows in the fifties - rare
Beat The Clock Tv Shows
One of Tv's earliest and funniest game shows in the fifties
Starring Bud Collyer
Set Of 29 (Very Rare) episodes on 8 discs.   24.95
Sea Hunt Tv Shows
Staring Lloyd Bridges
Volume One - Set Of 48 episodes on 16 disc.   49.95
1. Beyond Limits
2. Dipolmatic Pouch
3. Man Overboard
5. Sacred Pool
6. Cindy
7. Time Fuse
8. Storm Drain
9. Invader
12.Lord Christobal
13. Revolationary Spoils
14. Pirate Gold
15. Living Fossil
16. Poacher
17. Girl In The Trunk
18. Sponge Drivers
19. Recovery
20. Killer Whale
21. Midget Submarine
22. Underwater Ejection
23. Female
24. Port Security
25. Decoy
26. Sea Has Ears
27. Mananese Story
28. Lost Ones
29.Capture Of Santa Rosa
30. Shipwreck
31. Blind Spot
32. Replacement
33. Underwater Beacom
34. Underwater Prison
35. Hart Hat
36. Continent Rift
Sea Hunt Tv Shows
Staring Lloyd Bridges
Volume Two - Set Of 46 episodes on 16 disc.    49.95
1. Target
2. Ghost Light
3. Robreater
4. Changing
5. Catalyst
6. Missing Link
7. Prospectors
8. Hero
9. Underwater Station
10.Underwater Patrol
11.Legend Of The Mermaid
12.Pressure Suit

13. Counterfeit
14. Missle Watch
15. Jade Cavern
16. Hot Cargo
17. Underwater Drop
18. Cobalt Bomb
19. Water Ski Show
20. Underwater Shrine
21. Chain Of Evidence
22. Ex Patriate Return
23. Strong Box
24. Fearmakers

25. Diamond River
26. Alligator Story
27. Magnetic Mine
28.  Mr. Guinea Pig
29. Sonor Queen
30. Gold Below
31. Underwater Narcotics
32. Sounds Of Nothing
33. Rrima Donna
34. Mark Of The Octopus
35. Sea Sled
36. Female Of The Species

37. Chained
38. Ransom
39. Oil Island
40. Cross Current
41. Synthetic Hero
42. Cellini Vase
43. Underwater Park
44. Underwater Unit
45. Proof Of Guilt
46. Sixty Feet Below
Sea Hunt Tv Shows
Staring Lloyd Bridges
Both volume one and volume two - set of 94 episodes on 32 disc   79.95

Johnny Midnight TV Shows
starring Edmond O'Brien
Set of  20 episodes on four discs   $21.95
                      Pilot                                        The Impressario                      Somebody Loves You                    Dark Trophy
                      Voice Of The Dummy          Beyond Infamy                           The Emerald Star                           Inside Man              
                      Villain Of The Piece             An Old Fashioned Frame         Token Of Love                                 Ding a Ling
                      Leading Lady                        The Ninth Doll                             Schatzi                                             The Switchback Murder
                      Once Again                            Phantom Bribe                          Sweet Tooth Murder                     Pay Off To Death
City Detective Tv Shows
Starring Rod Cameron
12 Episodes On Three Disc. -  19.95
Desert Ice
Drop Coin Here
Glass Thump
Goodbye Old Paint
Cargo Of The Midnight
Case Of The Long Lost Wife
Christmas Pardon
Cat Named Deborah
Man Down, Women Screaming
Beautiful Miss X
Higest Bidder
Man Called X Tv Shows
28 Episodes On Seven Disc.
Starring Barry Sullivan
Van Rip Papers
The Double Cross
Two Oppoeite Agents
Pipelines Working
Call Bonds
Find The Traitor
The Impersonation
Borrowed Agent
Skirmish In Morroco
Citizen In Distress
Replacement Needed
Nuclear Tests
Oil Sabotage
Traitor In The Underground
The Statesman
Forced Defection
Leak In Greenland
Poison Gas
B-25 Sabotage
Simple Assasination
Recover The Maps
Cranberry Group
The Tunner Disaster
Global Defense Plan
Simulated Attack
Money For Underground
Sabatoge In Manilla
Ball Berring Factory
The Magician Tv Shows
Starring Bill Bixby
21 Episodes On 10 Disc.  
The Illusion Of The Curious Conterfeit # 1
The Illusion Of The Cutious Conterfeit # 2
The Illusion Of The Stainless Steel
The Illusion Of The Queen's Gambit
The Illusion Of Black Gold
The Illusion Of the lost Dragon
The Illusion Of The Deadly Conglomerate
The Illusion Of The Fatal Arrow
The Illusion Of The Deadly Playthings
The Illusion Of The Cat's Eye
The Illusion Of The Evil Spikes
Paperhanger At Pioche
Meeting At Julie's
Hills Of Homicide
Red Badge Of Death
Rodeo  Rough House
Jail Break At Tonopah
Sweetheart Of Sigmund Kaye
Cash Out
Trail Of The Dead
Rocking Chair Bandit
Coate Of Many Colors
Bolder Joe's Bottle House
Who Killed Doc Robbins
Buck Fever
Violets On Mt. Rose
Mad Man On The Mountain
Last Stage Robbery
Silver Duke
Death On The Rock
The Last War Party


Voice Of The Bug
Cinder Jungle
Diamonds Come High
Safe On A Boat
Fury On Freemont Street
Cable Car To Tombstone
Grudge Race
Dangerous Honeymoon
Out Of Line
The Talking Corpse
Diamonds In The Rough
Stay Lost Little Girl
Mystery Sniper
Another Chance
Still Water Runs Red
No My Darling Daughter
Winnemucca Weskit
Women Who Cry Wolf
Inherit A Bullet

Joker's Dead
You Can't Run Forever
Sweet And Gentle,Ltd.
When The Cats Away
The Clever Man
From Here To Molokai
What Price Gloria
Hard Money, Soft Touch
Patient Skeleton
C.O.T. Barefoot Girl
Pistols For Two
Case Of The Happy Dragon
Wild Blue Yonder
A Penny Saved
Perlious Picnic
Live Shell Game
No Fancy Cowboys


Circus Boy Tv Shows
Meet Circus Boy
Fabulous Colonel
Great Gambino
Casey Rides Again
Little Fugitive
Proud Pagliacci
Masked Marvel
Good Samaritans
Amazing Mr. Sinba
Corky's And The Circus

Starring R.Lowery M.Braddock N. Beery
Set Of 49 Episodes On 10 Discs. $30.95
Darling Young Man
Remarkable Ricardo
Big Top Angel
Return Of Colonel Jack
Man From Cimarron
Great Bambino's Son
Corky's Big Parade
White Eagle
Little Gypsy
Farewell To The Circus

The Best Of Password
Starring Allen Ludden
The CBS Years:1962 - 1967
All Stars Cast -
32 Classic Episodes On 8 Discs  21.95
Flash Gordon Tv Shows
Starring  Steve Hollond -1953-1854
14 Episodes On 4 Discs. $14.95
Enter The Aeronaut
Knife Thrower
Joey's Wedding Day
Pawnee Strip
Cub Reporter
General Pete
Tumbling Clown
Death Defying Don
Colonel Jack's Brother
Swamp Man
Hortense The Hippo
Fortune Teller
Gentle Giant
Lady And The Circus
Counterfeit Clown
Little Vagabond
Elmer, the Rainmaker
Royal Roustabout
Bimbo Jr.
Alex The Great
Marvelous Manellis
Uncle Cyrus
Judge's Boy
Return Of Buffalo Bill
Return Of Casey Pete
Major Buffington
Clemens Boy's
Magic Lantern
Dancing Bear
Federal Men Tv Shows
Bad Bargain
Black Sheep
Burried Treasure
Chartered Chisefer
Green Feathers
Starring Walter Greaza - Ten Episodes On Two Discs   16.95
Steady Hand
Tight Squeeze
Leather Bags
Little Tin Box
Man Trap
Lights Out Tv Shows
Staring Boris Karloff
The Fonceville Curse
Curtain Call
The Patern
Just What Happen
Passage Beyond
The Angry Birds
Dead Man's Coat
The Meddlers
Beware This Women
The Mad Dullaghan
The Veil
Prechance To Dream
Gray Reminder
The Man With The Watch
Will - O' - Whisp
For Release Today
Mrs. Manifold
Cat's Cradle
I Spy
The Devil In Glencairn
The Silent Supper
The Upstairs Floor
And Adam Begot
Strange Legacy
The Deal
The Faceless Man
Another Country
The Lost Will Of Dr. Rant
The Martian Eye
Dark Image
30 episodes on four disc.  29.95
The Vanishing Lady
Illusion In Terror
Lighting On A Dry Day
Ovation For Murder
Man On Fire
Lady In A  Trap
The Man Who Lost Himselp
Nightmare In Steel
Shattered Image
Follow That Man Tv Shows
Starring Ralph Bellamy
Hot As Three Pistols
Silken Touch
Killer Cat
The Ice Man
Murder Mansion
High Ambush
Family Affair
Third Rail
Cube Root Of Evil
The Polecat Shakedown
Death Takes A Partner

A Very Dead Ringer
Barameter Falling
Holer Uncle
Missing Cade
Coconut's Eye
Hot Fur
The Wiretappers
Terror 12 Stories High
Where's MiMi?
Missing Marbles
Next To Closing
Murder In Rhyme
Joy Ride
Dry Man
Free Ride
Hitch Heisters
Wastington Story
Conneticut State Police
Sunset Farm
Midnight Express
High And Seek
The Main Bout Is Murder
Black Leg White Tie
Women's Reformatory
Braker Grandee
39 episodes on five disc.  29.95
Markhan Tv Shows
Starring Ray Milland
Aprincely Sum
Women Of Arles
Three Steps To Murder
Vendetta In Venice
Forty Two On A Rope
Paris Encounter
The Marble Face
The Human Factor
The Sea Mark
The Father
Incident To Belair
Round Trip To Mozambique

The Seaering Flame
The Ambitious Wife
Man From Salzsburg
The Last Bullet
Strange Visitor
The Alter
No Files On Friday
The Young Conspirator
The Country House
The Bad Spell
The Sidken Chord
Escorts Ala Carte
The Cruelist Thief
Candy Store Jungle
Sing A Song Of Murder
Image Of Love
The Long Search
Bay Of The Dead
Counterfeit Stamps
32 episodes on four disc.      29.95
Crime Does Not Pay Tv Shows
Burried Loot
Alibi Racket
Desert Death
A Thrill For Thelma
Hit And Run Driver
The Perfect Set-Up
The Public Pays
Torture Money
It May Happen To You
Soak The Poor
Give Till It Hurts
Behind The Criminal

What Price Safety
Miracle Money
Come Across
A Criminal Is Born
They're Always Caught
Think It Over
The Wrong Way Out
Money To Loan
While America Sleeps
Help Wanted
Think First
Drunk Driving
Pound Foolish
Know Your Money
Jack Pot
Buyer Beware
Soak The Old
You The People
Respect The Law
Forbidden Passage
Cotton On Wheels
Sucker List
For The Common Defense
Keep ' Em Sailing
Patrolling The Ether
Easy Life
The Dark Shadows
Fall Guy
The Last Installment
Phantoms, Inc.
A Gun In His Hand
Purity Squad
Lucklest Guy In The World
Women In Hiding
46 episodes on nine dvds 29.95
The Count Of Monte Cristo Tv Shows
Starring George Dolenz - Nick Cravat
A Toy For Infanta
The Luxemburg Affair
The Texas Affair
The Mazini Affair
The Carbonari
The Devils A Emmissary
Flight To Calais
Act Of Terror
The Duel
The Experiment
The Portuguse Affair
A Matter Of Justice
The Tally Hand Affair
The Island
The Barefoot Express

The Grecian Gift
Point Counterpoint
The Black Death
Victor Hugo
Return To Chateau D' lf
The Pen And The Sword
The Sardinian Affair
Affair Three Napoleans
The Dubarry Affair
First Train To Paris
The Golden Blade
Affair Of Hounor

46 episodes on five discs. $29.95
Beyond The Curtain Of Space - Chapter 1
Beyond The Curtain Of Space - Chapter 2
Beyond The Curtain Of Space - Chapter 3
Blast Off - Chapter 1
Blast Off - Chapter 2
Blast Off - Chapter 3
Bobby's Comet - Chapter 1
Bobby's Comet - Chapter 2
The Cold Sun - Chapter 1
The Cold Sun - Chapter 2
The Cold Sun - Chapter 3
The Forbidden Moon

Crash Of The Moon - Chapter 1
Crash Of The Moon - Chapter 2
Crash Of The Moon - Chapter 3
Inferno In Space - Chapter 1
Inferno In Space - Chapter 2
Inferno In Space - Chapter 3
Escape Into Space
Kip's Private War
Out Of This World - Chapter 1
Out Of This World - Chapter 2
Out Of This World - Chapter 3
Beyond The Moon
Rockys Odyssey - Chapter 1
Rockys Odyssey - Chapter 2
Rockys Odyssey - Chapter 3
Silver Needle In The Sky - 1
Silver Needle In The Sky - 2
Silver Needle In The Sky - 3
Pirates Of Prah
The Trail Of Rocky Jones - 1
The Trail Of Rocky Jones - 2
Gypsy Moon
Manhunt In Space
Menace From Outer Space

Hamlet In Flames
The Invalid
Something Old, Something New

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Classic TV Shows
Free Shipping
Your Hit Parade
12 Tv Shows On 6 Disc. 1950 - 1959
Orginal Lucky Strike Comercial Intack  24.95
Mike Hammer Tv Shows    -
Micky Spillane's
Darren McGavin - First & Second Season
78 Episodes On 12 Dvds - 1950s - (very rare)
Sherlock Holmes Tv Shows 
Complete Series - 39 Thrilling Episodes
Ronald Howard  -
Sheldon Reynolds
I Lead Three Lives Tv Shows
Richard Carlson
56 episodes    -    39.95                      
Decoy Tv Shows
21 Episodes   -  21.95
Beverly Garland
Falcoln Tv Shows
Charles McGraw
8 Rare Classic Episodes   -  15.95
Man Behind The Badge Tv Shows
Charles Bickford
13 Episodes - 15.95
Code 3 Tv Shows
Richard Travis
16 Episodes - 15.95
Real McCoys Tv Shows
Complete First Season - 39 Episodes - $34.95
Walter Brennan - Richard Crenna
Real McCoys Tv Shows
Walter Brennan - Richard Crenna
Complete Second Season - 39 Episodes - $34.95
Real McCoys Tv Shows
Walter Brennan - Richard Crenna
Both Complete Sets - $59.95
The Little Rascals Comedies
The Complete Collection
80 Episodes On 8 Discs - $59.95
Planet Of Death
Return Of The Androids
The Claim Jumpers
The Breath Of Death
Akim The Terrible
The Witch Of Neptune
Forbidden Experiment
Saboteurs From Space
Brain Machine
Race Against Time
Struggle To The End
The Lure Of Light
Deadline At Moon
The Subworld Revenge

A Family Affair
You're Only Young Once
Judge Hardy's Children
Love Finds Andy Hardy
Out West With The Hardy's
Hardy's Ride High
Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever
Judge Hardy And Son
Andy Hardy Meets Debutante
Andy Hardy's Private Secretary
Life Begins For Andy Hardy
Courtship Of Andy Hardy
Andy Hardy's Dillemma
Christmas Greetings
Andy Hardy's Double Life
Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble
Love Laugh's At Andy Hardy
Andy Hardy Comes Homes
Sky King Tv Shows
Geiger Detective
Crystal Trap
Red Tantacles
Golden Burro
Danger Point
Man Who Forgot
On A Sky Hook
Rustler On Wheels
Silver Grave
Rodeo Round Up
Jim Bell's Triumph
Carrier Pigeon
Two Gun Penny\
Fish Out Of The Water
Rocket Story
Deadly Cargo
Wings Of Justice
Desperate Character
Threatening Bomb
Dust Of Destruction
The Neckerchief
Pocelain Lion
Formula For Fear
Plastic Ghost
Stage Coach Robbers
Speak Of Evil
Giant Eagle
Land Of Cotton
Kirby Grant
Set Of 64 Episodes  On 16 Dvds  $69.95
Black Mail
Designing Women
Dead Mans Will
Desperado From The Sky
Cindy Comes Home
Circus Clown
Danger At The Mill
Money Has Wings
Sky Robbers
Fight For Oil
Feathered Serpent
One For The Money
A Wild Man
A Dog Name Barney
Dead Man' Will
Stop That Train
Rodeo Decathion
Lost Boy
Mystery Horse
Haunted Castle
Note For A Dame
Sleight Of Hand
Bullet Bait
Double Trouble
Operation Urgent
Dead Giveaway
Bad Actor
Brains And Brawn
Triple Exposure
Set Of Four Episodes  $12.95