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I received your dvds today.  You do an excellent job.  It is a pleasure dealing with you.

John K.

Hi Carol and Howard, before I discovered your website, I ordered serials from Movies Unlimited and The Serial Squadron..they charge less but both have a very limited serial selection..your selection and picture quality surpasses both of these companies..your product is well worth the extra cost..


Howard, just wanted you to know I have received the dvds and thank you very much for the complimentary "Island In The Sky" I am a big John Wayne fan and will enjoy it.  Extremely nice of you and very much appreciated.  I have played all three and they play well in my dvd player.  No problems.  Well packaged and great service.  In fact, is there a place where I can comment on your fine service.  I know I have bought some items from e-bay and they have a feedback program.  I would be very happy to leave a feedback for your potential customers.  You are extremely up front, honest, great service, great bank of movies and I could keep going, thus, let me know if I can leave a feedback for you.
Will look forward to getting "The Fighting Man Of The Plains" sometime next week.  I read where you said you would be sending it at the end of this week.  Is this in color or Black & White? ( It is a black & white print )  I need to get some things doneand plan on watching "The High And The Mighty" tonight.  Take care and best to you.  Have a great weekend.  Hope your Steelers win this week (:-( help)
God Bless! Pat R.Howard

A thousand thank-yous the rest of the dvds arrived along with a couple of Highway Patrols that was an added surprise, you are a true gentleman to do business with and I look forward to doing more with you just after Christmas is over with.  Again you have made this 55 year old disabled fellow put a smile on my face, this will make the longt, cold winter days when I cant get out pass a lot nicer, although we have only had a springling of snow thus far then it melted, if it will be anything like last year it should be long and could.  These old programs take me back to a time when life was a lot more pleasant much better than the stuff on the tube these days at least to me they are.
So thanks again, stay well and I will contact you just after the holidays enjoy your holidays with your family and friends.

Thanks, Paul

Howard Madden;
Just letting you know that your tapes came in today.  They were packed very nice in cases well done
Thank you very much.  James F.

It has been a pleasure finding Howard Maddens Video Collectors website.  I have made several purchases and found complete honesty, tremendous service, well packaged, great videos, and extreme cooperation.  I look forwad to continue buying from Howard Maddens Video and highly recomment without any reservations.
Pat R.

  Greetings Howard and CarolI would like you to add my comments to your little  testimony .  Thanks to you I have been able to enjoy all those Randolph Scott, Rod Cameron, Audie Murphy and George Montgomery movies I saw in my youth.  (And me on the other side ering.  Meanwhile, thank you for your good wishes of the wold)  I note that one of your subscribers is due to receive "Fighting Man Of The Plains", which I also received in 2008.  My only disappointment was that it was not in color (cinecolor as I remember it in 1951)  Canadian Pacific, also in Cinecolor, has been realeased in color, and that was made around the same year.  Do you think that a color version will be obtainable? (I hope so, we are always upgrading as new prints become available)
I am very interested in "Mark Of The Gorilla" and a couple of Richard Widmark "Backlash" and "Red Skies Of Montana".
When I return to work in February, I will allow myself a good look at your comprehensive list, and then get back into ordering.
God bless you and your work.
Don Ives
(Tasmania, Australia)

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