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The Range Rider Tv Shows - 1
starring Jock Mahoney
Set of 37 episodes on 10 discs - $29.95
  1.  Brand Of The Lawless
  2.  The Die Hards
  3.  Calhoun Rides Again
  4.  Canyon Of Wanted Men
  5.  Challenge Of The West
  6.  The Outlaws Secret
Adventures Of Champion Tv Shows
starring Jim Bannon
Set of  12 episodes on 4 discs - $22.95
  7.  Rails West
  8.  Andrew And The Deadly Double
  9.  Bad Men Of The Valley
10.  Salted Ground
11.  The Medicine Man Mystery
12.  The Stone Heart
Wild Bill Hickok TV Shows
starring Guy Madison
Set of  36 episodes on 9 discs - $29.95
   1.  Rock Springs Rustlers
   2.  Indian Bureau
   3.  Ghost Town Story
   4.  Boulder City Election
   5.  Mexican Gun Running
   6.  School Teacher
   7.  Vigilante Story
   8.  Professors Daughter
   9.  The Outlaws Son
10.  Savy, Smart Man
11.  Wild White Horse
12.  The Trapper's Story
13.  Marriage Feud
14.  Grandpa and Me
15.  Wagon Wheel Trial
16.  Chain Of Events
17.  Monster In The Lake
18.  The Maverick

19.  Stolen Church Funds
20.  Pardner Rides Again
21.  The Highest Bidder
22.  Outlaws Portion
23.  The Music Teacher
24.  Old Cowboys Never Die
25.  Halley's Comet
26.  Blind Alley
27.  Golden Rainbow
28.  The Kangaroo Kaper
29.  Runaway Wizard
30.  Gingham Cloth
31.  Homer Atchison
32.  Silver Stage Holdup
33.  Nephew From Back East
34.  Kid From Red River
35.  Wrestling Story
36.  Lady Mayor
Broken Arrow Tv Shows
starring Michael Ansara
Set of 55 episodes on 7 discs - $29.95
The Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin Tv Shows
starring Rin Tin Tin
Set of 48 episodes on 12 discs - $ 39.95

  Meet Rin Tin Tin
  Wolf Cry
  The Flaming Forest
  The Raging River
  The Education Of Corp. Rusty
  The Apache Chief
  Outcast Of Fort Apache
  The Ancient Mariner
  Raw Recruit
  Blood Brothers
  Shifting Sands



   The Eagle's Nest
   Rusty Resigns From The Army
   Legacy Of Sean O'Hara
   Barber Of Seville
   The Blushing Bride
   Rusty Plays Cubid
   The Medicine Man
   The Babe In the Woods
   The Sacred Lance
   The Guilty One
   The Magic Box
   The Printer's Devil


The Rebel Tv Shows
Starring Nick Adams
Set Of 38 episodes on 10 discs.- $34.95
  1. Johnny Yuma
  2. Judgement
  3. Panic
  4. Yellow Hair
  5. In Memorandum
  6. Misfits
  7. Grant Of Land
  8. Dark Secret
  9. Scavengers
10. Land
11. School Days
12. The Vagrants
13. Death Of Gray

14. Angry Town
15. Glory
16. Night On A Rainbow
17. Noblesse Oblige
18. He's Only A Boy
19. Paint A House With Scaret
20. Earl Of Durango
21. Land Of Quality
22. Grave For Johnny Yuma
23. Unsurrendered Sword
24. In Memory Of A Son
25. Fair Game
26. The Bequest  
27. Explosion
28. The Waiting
29. The Hope Chest
30. Paperback Hero
31. The Scalp Hunter
32. Vindication
33. The Pit
34. Run Killer Run
35. The Threat
36.  Legacy
37.  Deathwatch
38.  The Promise

Colt .45 Tv Shows
Starring Wayne Preston
Set Of 34 episodes on 9 discs - $34.95
  1.  Calamity
  2.  Gallows At Granite Gap
  3.  Circle Of Fear
  4.  Chain Of Command
  5.  Long Odds
  6.  Strange Encounter
  7.  Yellow Terror
  8.  Rebellion
  9.  Last Chance
10.  Dead Aim
11.  Amnesty
12.  Queen Of Dixie
13.  Night Of Decision
14.  Trail By Rope
15.  Saga Of Sam Bass
16.  Devil's Godson
17.  Magic Box
18.  A Time To Die
19.  Point Of Honor
20.  Return To El Paso
21.  Rare Specimen
22.  Mirage
23.  Attack
24.  Appointment In Agoura
25.  The Trespasser
26.  Hot Head
27.  Small Man
28.  Gypsies
29.  Alibi
30.  Legend Of Buffalo Bill
31.  Showdown At Goldtown
32.  Judgment Day
33.  3000 Dollar Bullit
34.  Tar And Feathers
The Westerner Tv Shows
Starring Brien Keith
Set Of 13 episodes on 5 discs. - $19.95
1. Jeff
2. School Days
3. Brown
4. Mrs. Kennedy
5. Dos Pinos
6. The Courting Of Libby
7. Treasure
8. Old Van
9. Ghost Of A Chance
10.Line Camp
11.Going Home
12.Hand On A Gun

The Casey Jones Tv Shoes
Starring Alan Hale JR.
Set Of 32 episodes on 8 discs.- $29.95
1. Night Mail
2. Spur Line To Denver
3. Death Rides The Tender
4. The Gunslinger
5. Way Station
6. Man's Wail
7. Old Timer
8. Run To Deadwood
9. Iron Men
10.Girl In The Cab
11.Night Run
12.Layover At Jamestown
13.Dangerous Hours
14.Treasure Of Sam
15.Hard Luck Train
16.Silk Trai
17. Star Witness
18. Dutch Clock
19. Dark Raider
20. A Badge For Casey
21. The Track Walker
22. Prison Train
23. President's Special
24. Marauders
25. Black Box
26. One Way Ticket
27. Last Train
28. Storm Warning
29. Lethal Journey
30. Honeymoon Express
31. Fire Eater
32. Mrs Casey Jones
The Lone Ranger Tv Shows
Staring Clayton Moore

Set of 39 episodes on 10 discs. $34.95    
Set of 39 episodes on 10 discs. $34.95    
The Lone Ranger Tv Shows Volume One - Volume Two
Set of 78 episodes on 20 discs. $59.00
Sugarfoot Tv Shows
Staring Will Hutchins
Set Of 40 episodes on 20 discs. $34.95
A Wreath For Charity
Man Wanted
Dead Hills
Stallion Trail
Small War At Custer Junction
Bullet Proof
Quick Silver
Brink OF Fear
The Wizard
Reluctant Hero
Strange Land
Brannigan's Boots
Mule Team
Short Range
Bullet And The Cross
Guns for Big Bear
Price On His Head
Whispering Smith Tv Shows
Audie Murphy - G. Mitchell
Set Of Twenty Six Episodes On Seven Discs - $24.95 -
1. Dark Circle
2. Swift Justice
3. The Idol
4. String Of Circumstances
5. Homeless Wind
6. Trail Of The Avengers
7. Prayer Of A Chance
8. Hired To Die
9.  The Blind Gun
10. The Grudge
11. The Devil's Share
12. Stake Out
13. Safety Valve
14. Stain Of Justice
15. The Deadiest Weapon
16. The Quest
17. Medial Of Hon
18. Three For One
19. Death At Even Money
20. The Hemp Reeger Case
21. This Mortal Coil
22. Cross Cut
23. Double Edge
24. Trademart
25. The Jodie Tyler Story
26. Poet And Peasant Case
Johnny Ringo Tv Shows
Starring Don Durant
34 Episodes On Nine Discs.
Black Harvest
The Derelick
Judgement Day
Man Alone
Single Debt
The Stranger
The Posse
The Hunters
Shoot The Moon
Killer Choose A Card
Reputation For Murder
Cave In
Lobo Lawman
Ghost Coach
The Accused
The Rain Man
Poster Incident
Soft Cargo
Four Came Quietly
The Cat
Kid And A Gun
Dead Wait
Bound Boy
The Liars
Die Twice
Love Affair
East Is East
Uncertain Vengeance
The Gunslinger
The Vindicator
The Killing Bug
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The Cisco Kid Tv Shows
Starring Duncan Renaldo & Leo Carillo
42 Episodes On Nine Discs.$29.95
Counterfeit Money
Big Switch
Convict Story
Oil Land
Chained Lighting
Mrdicine Flats
Railroad Land Rush
The Will
Lynching Story
Newspaper Crusaders
Dog Story
Confession For Money
The Old Bu
Haven For Heaven
Pancho Hostage
Freight Line Feud
Phoney Sheriff
Uncle Disinherits Niece
Phoney Heiress
Water Rights
Performance Bond
Buried Treasure
Ghost Town
Vigliante Story
Hidden Valley
Carrier Pigeon
Hypnotist Murder
Robber Crow
Quarter Horse
Jewelry Holdup
Ghost Story
Quicksilver Murder
Cattle Rustling
Cattle Quarantine
Renegade Son
False Marriage
Haven For Heavies
Stolen Bonds
Ball Jar Bellies
Romany Caravan

The Dakotas Tv Shows
Starring - Jack Ward -Jack Elan
One Day In Vermillion
A Walk In The Badlands
Reform Of Big Nose Butte
Feud At Snake River
Return To Dry Rock
Requiem At Dancer's Hill
Red Sky Over Bismark
Incident In Rapid City

Chooser Of The Slain
Justice At Eagle's Nest
Terror At Heart River
A Nice Girl From Goliah
Mutiny At Ft. Mercy
Trouble At French Creek
Thunder In Pleasent Valley
Crisis At High Banjo
Sanctuary At Crystal Springs
Trail At Grand Forks
18 episodes on Eight Discs.$24.95
The Deputy Tv Shows
Starring Henry Fonda
12 Episodes On Three Discs.$14.95
Proof Of Guilt
Man Of Peace
Hidden Motive
The Truly Yours
The Last Gunfight
Palace Of Chance
Brand Of Honesty
The Stand-Off
The Fatal Urge
The Higher Law
Three Brothers
The Dream
The Tall Man Tv Shows
Starring Barry Sullivan
The Liberty Bell
Billy's Baby
Rio Doloroso
Time Of Foreshadowing
The Loney Star
The Legend Of Billy
The Judas Palm
The Last Resourse
8 Episodes On Two Discs.$16.95
The Texan Tv Shows - 1
Starring Rory Calhound
Law Of The Gun
The Man With The Solid Gold Star
The Trouble Town
The First Notch
The Edge Of The Cliff
Jail For The Innocents
A Tree For Planting
The Hemp Tree
The Widow Of Paradise
No Tears For The Dead
The Easterner
A Time Of The Year
The Lord Will Provide
The Duchess Of Denver
A Quart Of Law
The Outpost
The Peddler
Return To Friendly.
The Marshal Of Yellow Jackets
No Love Wasted
A Race For Life
Letter Of The Law
Private Account
Blood Money
No Place To Stop
The Governor's Lady
Town Divided
The Guilty And The Innocent
Presentation Gun
The Nomad
Killer's Road

35 Episodes On Five Discs.$24.95
The Texan Tv Shows - 2
Starring Rory Calhound
35 Episodes On Five Discs.$24.95
Lady Tenderfoot
The Invisable Noose
Johnny Tuvo
The Accuser
Mission To Monterey
24 Houes To Live
No Way Out
Image Of Guilt
The Dishonest Posse
Blue Norther
Trail Dust
The Telegraph Story
South Of The Border
The Smiling Loser
The Sheioff Of Boot Hill
The Gunfighter
The Man Hater
Showdown At Abilene
Trouble On The Trail
Cowards Don't Die
Border Incident
Dangerous Ground
End Of The Track
Friend Of The Family

The Terrified Town
Sixgun Street
The Taming Of Rio Nada
Thirty Hours To Kill
Burried Treasure
Captive Crew
The Texan Tv Shows
Starring Rory Calhound
Both Sets - 70 Episoses On Ten Discs.$54.95
Klondike Tv Shows
Starring Ralph Taeger
Klondike Fever
River Of Gold
Saints & Stickups
The Unexpected Candidate
Keys To Trouble
Swoger's Mules
Sure Thing Man
Taste Of Danger

Bare Knuckles
Bathhouse Justice
Swing Your Partner
The Golden Burro
Queen Of The Klondike
The Man Who Own Skagway
Sitka Madonna
The Hostages
16 Episodes On Four Discs.$21.95
Starring David Carradine
Shane Tv Shows
The Distant Bell
The Want
The Wild Geese
The Bitter And The Lonely
An Echo Of Anger
Killer In The Valley

Day Of The Hawk
The Other Image
Poor Tom's A-Cold
High Road To Viator
The Day The Wolf Laughed
The Big Fifty
The Silent Gift
A Long Night Of Mourning
Aman'd Be Proud
The Great Invasion Part 1-2
17 Episodes On Nine Discs.$24.95
Restless Gun Tv Shows
Starring John Payne
30 Episodes On Eight Discs.$24.95
Jebediah Bonner
Bonner's Squaw
The Pawn
Remember The Dead
No Way To Kill
Multiply One Boy
The Way Back
The Painted Beauty
Code For A Killer
The Lady And The Gun
Blood Of Courage
The Outlander
The Gold Star
The Restless Gun Pilot
Man And Boy
Cheyenne Express
Thicker Than Water
The Child
Hornitas Town
The Women From Sacramento
The Hand Is Quicker
Ride With The Devil
Lady By Law
The New Sheriff
The Whip
Incident At Bluefields
Dragon Foe A Day

Cimarron City Tv Shows
Starring George Montgomery
16 Episodes On Eight Discs.$24.95
Beast Of Cimarron
The Bloodline
The Bitter Lesson
The Beauty And The Sorrow
Return Of The Dead
The Ratman
Have Sword, Will Duel
The Evil One
Terror Town
To Become A Man
Medicine Man
Hired Hand
Burn The Town Down
Runaway Train
Blind Is The Killer
The Bitter Lesson
Mackenzie's Raiders Tv Shows
19 Episodes On Five Discs. $21.95
Starring Richard Carlson
Tales Of Wells Fargo Tv Shows
Dale Robertson
The Thin Rope
The Hasty Gun
Alder Gulch
The Bounty
Hank(a.k.a. chips)
The Lynching
Renegade Raiders
Rio Grande
Sam Bass
The Hijackers
Jesse James
The Silver Bullets
Belle Starr
Two Cartridges
Apache Gold
The Target
The Feud
Billy The Kid
The Auction
Man In The Box
The Kid
Barnary Coast
The Inscrutable Man
The General
Doc Bell
Stage West
Hoss Tamer
Hide Jumpers
The Walking Mountain
Bill Longley
The Prisoner
Dr. Alice
The Sooners
Alias Jim Hardie
The Johnny Ringo Story
The Reward
The Pickpocket
The Renegade
The Goldem Owl
End Of The Trail
The Counterfeiters
The Happy Tree
Fort Massacre
Dealer's Choice
46 Episodes On Twelve Discs.$39.95
Empire Pass
Fight For Geronimo
First Posse
Boomer's Blunder
Blazing Guns
Six Gun Symphony
Trail Of The Killer
Redskin Gap
Death Of Johnny Ringo
The Black Ghost
Runway Renegade
Hood Vegeance
Pawnee Stampede
The Calico Kid
The Devil's Washbowl
Lucky Horseshoe
The Rain Wagon
The Fight For Texas
Apache Raid
Grave Of Monsters
Diamonds For Grandpa
Boomer's Blunder
Rails Westwood
Tough Tenderfoot
Constance And The Judge
Little Mavericks
Red Hawk
Kid Curry-Killer
Gun Talk
Kansas City Lady
Silver Mine Mystery
Enpire Pass
Double Cross Money
The Assassins
The Golden Plant
Angelo Goes West
Secret Of The Silverado
Legacy Of Jesse James
Fugitive From Injustice
Trouble Thompson
Ambush At Lizard Rock
The Jayhawker

Buffalo Bill Jr. Tv Shows
Starring Dick Jones
43 Episodes On Nine Discs.$34.95
Mail Riders
Battle Of Apache Pass
The Captive
Passage Deferred
Medicine Man
The Conspirators
The Raiders
Apache Massacre
The Trail
The Missionaries
The Challenge
The Doctor

Power Keg
Legacy Of A Hero
Ghost Face
Johnny Flagstaff
The Desperado
The Assassin
The Broken Wire
White Man's Magic
Apache Child
Ghost Sickness
The Arsenal
Devil's Eye
The Teacher
The Bounty Hunter
The Renegades
Kingdom Of Terror
Bad Boy
Shadow Of Cochise
Warrant For Arrest
Aztec Torture
Hired Killer
The Iron Maiden
The Sisters

War Trial
Black Moment
Courage Of Ling Tang
The Outlaws
The Transfer
Roy Rogers Tv Shows
Starring Roy Rogers And Dale Evans
Smoking Guns
Sheriff Missing
Mountain Pirates
Empty Saddles
The Horse Mixup
High Stakes
Lady Killer
Phantom Rustlers
Death Medicine
Ghost Town Gold
Pat Brady's Outlaw
My Sister Son

The Big Chance
Badman's Brother
The Secret Of Indian Gap
Flying Bullets
The Knockout
Blind Justice
Loaded Guns
Money To Burn
Milliner From Medicine Creek
Old Man's Gold
Ride Of Rancher
Outlaws Of Paradise Valley
Greedy Thieves
Town Of Pine Hill
Notorious Murder
Attempted Kidnap
Unwilling Outlaw
Dead Men's Hills
The Ambush
Outlaw's Return
Western Justice
M-Stands For Murder
Train Robbery
Laraber Kid
Ranch War
Outlaw's Girl
The Desert Fugitive
Ghost Gulch
Go For Your Guns
Shoot To Kill

48 Episodes On Twelve Discs.$24.95
Starring John Gavin



13 Episodes On Four Discs.$19.95
Fury At The Big Top
Outlaw Legion
Great Stagecoach Robbery
The Desperate Game
Irom Trail Ambush
Shotgun Hattie
Trouble In Paradise Valley
Shadows Of Belle Starr
Illegal Entry

Queen Of Cimarron
San Francisco Story
The Homsteaders
Three Wanted Men
Crooked Circle
The Apache Uprising
Danger Valley
Double Boomerang
Twisted Road
Mystery Of The Black Stallion
Bell Of Tennesse
Bitter Creek Gang
Broken Barriers
Who Women Who Dared
Storm Over King Circle
Law Of The Badland
The Big Gamble
Big Frame Up
Strange Cargo
The Confidence Gang

The Counterfeiters
Geingo Pete
The Elkton Lake Feud
Superstition Mountain
Drifting Sands

Frontier Doctor Tv Shows
Starring Rex Allen
35 Episodes On Nine Discs.$34.95
Circus Boy Tv Shows
Starring R.Lowery M.Braddock N. Beery
Set Of 30 episodes on 10 discs.-$24.95
Meet Circus Boy
Fabulous Colonel
Great Gambino
Casey Rides Again
Little Fugitive
Proud Pagliacci
Masked Marvel
Good Samaritans
Darling Young Man
Remarkable Ricardo

Big Top Angel
Return Of Colonel Jack
Man From Cimarron
Great Bambino's Son
Corky's Big Parade
Pawnee Strip
Cub Reporter
General Pete
Colonel Jack's Brother
Swamp Man

Little Vagabond
Enter The Rainmaker
Royal Poustabout
Return Of Casey Pete
Major Buffington
Clemens Boy's
Marvelous Manellis
Uncle Cyrus
Judge's Boy
Hortense The Hippo
The Secret Lode
Six Gun Party
The Grand Fleece
Dead Man's Shoes
Border Trouble
Outlaw Pistols
Secret Of Red Raven
Let er Buck
Law Of The Frontier
Jimmy The Kid

The Buckskin
Border City Affair
Saga Of Silver Town
Greed Rides The Range
The Bandit Stallion
Outlaw Masquerade
Old Timer's Trail
Outlaw Territory
The Fatal Bullet
Fight Town
The Blind Trail
The Black Terror
Cherokee Roundup
Indian War Party
Pale Horse
Bad Men Of Rimrock
Harsh Reckoning
Sealed Justice
The Range Rider
The Stage To Rainbow's End
Shotgun Stage
Trail Of The Lawless
Big Medicine Man
Dim Trails
The Secret Of Superstition Peak
Feud At Friendship City
Western Fugitive
The Range Rider Tv Shows - 2
starring Jock Mahoney
Set of 38 episodes on 10 discs - $29.95

The Silver Blade
Romeo Goes West
Outlaw's Double
Ambush In Coyote Canyon
Bullets And Badmen
The Holy Terror
Gunslinger In Paradise
Bad Medicine
Renegade Ranch
Gold Fever
Pack Rat
Diablo Pass
Blind Canyon
Western Edition
Indian Sign
Peace Pipe
The Golden Peso
Last Of The Pony Express
Gold Hill
Convict At Large
The Chase
Marked Bullets
Gunman's Game
West Of Cheyenne
The Crooked Fork
The Flying Area
Righ Of Way
Baron Of Broken Bow
Marshal From Madero
Yancy Derringer Tv Shows
starring Jock Mahoney
Set of 34 episodes on 6 discs - $29.95
  1.  Return To New Orleans
  2.  Gallatin Street
  3.  Ticket To Natchez
  4.  An Ace Called Spade
  5.  A Bullet For Bridget
  6.  The Belle From Boston
  7.  Loot From Richmond
  8.  Saga Of Lonesome Jackson
  9.  Memo To A Firing Squad
10.  Three Knaves From New Haven
11.  Marble Fingers
12.  Old Dixie
13.  Two Of A Kind
14.  Nightmare On Bourbon Street
15.  Fair Freebooter
16.  Mayhem At The Market
17.  Night The Russians Landed
18.  A Game Of Chance
19.  Panic In Town
20.  Hell And High Water
21.  Louisiana Dude
22.  Longhair
23.  Thunder On The River
24.  Gun That Murdered Lincoln
25.  Collector's Item
26.  Fire On The Frontier
27.  Duel At The Oaks
28.  Wayward Warrior
29.  A State Of Crisis
30.  Outlaw At Liberty
31.  V As In Voodoo
32.  The Quiet Firecracker
33.  Gone But Not Forgotten
34.  Two Tickets To Promontory
Treasure Of Santa Dolores
The Ghost Of Poco Loco
Pony Express
Ten Thousand Reward
Red Jack
Rustler's Range
False Trail
Hidden Gold
The Range Rider Tv Shows - 1-2
starring Jock Mahoney
Set of 75 episodes on 20 discs - $54.95
Dead Man's Gold
The Ghost Town
O'Hara Gets Busted
The Bounty Hunters
Farewell To Fort Apache
The Lonesome Road
The Bugle Call
Meets Shakespear
Wild Stallion
Rusty Volunteers
Poor Little Rich Boy
White Buffalo

Ring Of Sand
Extra Hand
Small Hostage
Bunch Quitter
Trail's E
The Ghost
Canary Kid
Yampa Crossing
Devil To Pay
Royal Raiders
Giant Killer
Return Of Canary Kid
Mysterious Stranger
Bandit Kingdom
Iron Horse
Connecticut Yankee
Meets Mr. President
Higgins Rides Again
Rusty Goes To Town
Christmas Story
Indian Burial Grounds
Missing Heir
Rusty Romance
Tin Soldier
Meets O'Hara Mother

Cowboy G- Men Tv Shows
Safe Crackers
Chippewa Indians
Hang The Jury
Beware:No Treaspassing
The Women Mayor
The Golden Wolf
Sawdust Swindle
Starring R.Hayden - J.Coogan
Center Fire
Chinaman's Chance
Empty Mailbags
Ozark Gold
Bounty Jumpers
High Heeled Boots
14 Episodes On 4 discs.$15.95
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Classic Tv Western Shows
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The Man Behind The Star
Bat Masterson Tv Show
Set Of 62 episodes On 8 Dvds $39.95
Double Showdown
Two Graves For Swan Valley
Dyamite Blows Two Ways
Stampede At Tent City
The Fighter
Bear Bait
A Noose Fits Anybody
Dude's Folly
Treasure Of Worry Hill
Cheyene Club
General Sheman's March Through Dodge City
Trail Pirate
Double Trouble On Trinidad
Election Day
One Bullet From Broken Bow

Personal Matter
License To Cheat
River Boat
Battle Of The Pass
Marked Deck
Incident On Leadville
Tumbleweed Wagon
Brunette Bombshell
Canvas And The Cane
Wanted Dead
To The Manner Born
No Funeral For Thorn
Shakedown At St. Joe
Deat And Taxes

Six Feet Of Gold
Cattle And Canes
Disperance Of Bat Masterson
The Snare
Three Bullets For Bat
Come Out Fighting
Stage To Nowhere
Welcome To Paradise
Barbary Castle
God Is Where You Steal It
Bat Trap
Rage Of Princess Anne
The Hunter
Murder Can Be Dangerous
High Card Loses

Dakota Showdown
Lady Plays Her Hand
Price Of Paradise
Prescott Campaign
Run For Your Money
Episode In Eden
Good And The Bad
No Amnesty For Death
Ledger Of Guilt
Meeting At Mimbres
Valley Of Death
Fourth Man
Marble Slab
Fatal Garment
Lady Luck
Inner Circle
Who'll Buy My Violence