great classic movies are the best. Mystery Horror Gangster Movies
Black Hand - G. Kelly
King Of The Roaring 20s - D. Jansen
Purple Gang - B. Sullivan
Portrait Of A Mobster - V. Morrow
Rise And Fall Of Legs Diamond -  R. Danton
San Quentin - P. O'Brien
Call Northside 777 - L. Stewart
Baby Face Nelson - M. Rooney
The Well - H. Morgon
The Big Clock - R. Milland
I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang - P. Mune
FBI Story - J. Stewart

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The Hoodlum - L. Tierney

Gangland Strikes - R. Greenleaf
Hatfields And The McCoys - J. Palance
Conflict - H. Bogart
Kiss Of Death - V. Mature
Underworld Story - D. Duyrea
Federal Man - W. Henry
Brother Orchid - E.G. Robinson
Gun Crazy - P. Cummins
Melvin Purvis G-Men - D. Roberston
Killer McCoy - M. Rooney
Internation Crime - R. La. Rocque

Undercover Man - G. Ford
Guns Don't Argue - J. Davis
Cop Hater - R. Loggia
Lust For Gold - G. Ford
Plunder Of The Sun - G. Ford
They Made Me A Criminal - J. Garfield
Dangerous Mission - V. Mature
Night Of The Hunter - R. Hunter
Dick Barton Strike Back - D. Stannard
Charlie McCarthy Detective
Slight Case Of Larceny - M. Rooney
Naked City - L. Fitzgerald - H. Duff
Bunco Squad - R. Sterilin
Deagnet - J. Webb
Atomic Man - G. Nelson
The Big Heat- G. Ford
Rumble On the Docks - J. Darren
Escape From San Quentin - J. Desmond
Riot In Cell Block 11 - N. Brand
Who Kill Aunt Maggie? - J. Hubbard
Chicago Calling - D. Duryea
Mad Dog Coll - J. Chandler
Blackwell's Island - J. Garfield
Girls In Prison - R. Denning
The Blue Gardenia - R. Conte
Cry Terror - J. Mason
The Night Holds Terror - J. Kelly
Bermuda Mystery - P. Foster
Gunman In The Street - D. Clark
Unguarded Moment - G. Nader
Terror Aboard - C. Ruggles
Chase A Crooked Shadow - R. Todd
The Fallon Sparrow - J. Garfield
Hand Of Death - J. Agar
Two Headed Spy - J. Hawkins
Danger On Air - D. Woods

The Lost Weekend - R. Milland
Dillinger - L. Tierney
Johnny Apollo - T. Power
Dial M For Murder - R. Milland
Ten Little Indians - H. O'Brien
Each Dawn I Died - J. Cagney
Man In A Vault - W. Campbell
City For Conquest - J. Cagney
The Maltese Falcon - H. Bogart
Little Caesar - E.G. Robinson
The Window - B. Hale
And Then There Were None - F. Gerrald

Dial 1119 - M. Thompson
Slaughter On Tenth Ave - R. Egan
The Threat - M. O'Shera
He Ran All The Way - J. Garfield
Midnight Manhunt - W. Gargan
Iron Sheriff - S. Hayden
The Killing - S. Hayden
Missing Corpse - E. Bromberg
The Set-Up - R. Ryan
Beast Of The City - W. Huston
Headline Crasher - F. Darro

The Phantom Broadcast - R. Forbes
I'll Name The Murder - R. Forbes
Wild Boys On The Road - F. Darro
Alcatraz Island- J. Litel
Circus Queen Murder - D. Cook
Men Of Action - F. Darro
Criss Cross - B. Lancaster
The Hatchet Man - E.G Robinson
The Crooked Way - J. Payne
Convict At Large - R. Forbes
Tough To Handle - F. Darro

Up In The Air - F. Darro
Gangs All Here - F. Darro
Diamonds Thieves - L. Cleef
Klansman - L. Marvin
The Murder Man - S. Tracy
Mandarin Mystery - C. Henry
Secret Files 1413 - C. Dupuis
She Wolf Of London - D. Porter
The Ghost Train - A.  Askey
Smiling Ghost - W. Morris
Stand Up And Fight - W. Berry

White Heat - J. Cagney
High Sierra - H. Bogart
Gazebo - G. Ford
Man Of Thousand Faces - J. Cagney
Roaring 20s - J. Cagney
Angels With Dirty Faces - J. Cagney
The Killers - L. Marvin - R. Reagan
Blackboard Jungle - G. Ford
Treasure Of The Sierra Madre - H.Bogart
Al Capone - R. Steiger
Split Second - S. McNally
Bonnie Parker Story - D. Provine

Plot Thickens - J. Gleason
Death Of Dr. Mabuse - P. V. Eyck
Fast And Furious - J. Island
Dick Barton At Bay - D. Stannard
Dr. Renault's Secret - J.C. Nash
Testament Of Dr. Mabuse - L. Barker
Death Ray Of Dr. Mabuse - L. Barker
Invisable Dr. Mabuse - L. Barker
Hell's Island - J. Payne
Cry Of The Black Wolves - R. Ely
Son Of Dr. Jekyll - L. Hayward
Ring Of Fear - P. O'Brien

The Shadow: Invisable Avenger - R. Derr
The Panther's  Claw - S. Blackmer
The Amazing Mr. X - R. Carlson
Guns, Girls, Gangsters - M.V. Doren
Police Dog - J. Rice - "Rex 111"
King Of The Zombies - M. Moreland
Kiss Me Deadly - R. Meeker
20 Years In Sing Sing - Spencer Tracy

Machine Gun Kelly - C. Bronson
Invisable Man's Revenge - J. Hall
Invisable Man - C. Rains
Black Legion - H. Bogart
House On 92nd Street - W. Eytre
You Can.t Get Away With Murder - H. Bogart
They Drive By Night - H. Bogart -G. Raft
Loan Shark - George Raft
Dead End - H. Bogart - J. McCrea
I'll Get You For This - George Raft
The Harder They Fall - H.Bogart
Santiago - Alan Ladd
Dead Reckoning - H. Bogart
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Show Them No Mercy - C. Romero
Armored Car - C. McGraw
Johnny Stool Pigeon - H. Duff
Violent Saturday - V.Mature
Phenix City Story - M. Mclntire
Star Reporter -W. Hull
City Across The River- T. Curtis
Dial Red O - W. Elliott
The Mob - B. Crawford
Hoodlum - L. Tierney
The Shadow - R. La. Rocque

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Mystery Horror Gangster Movies