great classic movies are the best. Crime Detective Movies

The Thin Man Series Set
starring William Powell and Myrna Loy
All Six of the Thin Man movies on 3 DVD's- $15.95

The Thin Man                        Shadow Of The Thin Man
After The Thin Man                The Thin Ma Goes Home
Another Thin Man                  Song Of The Thin Man 
Crime Doctor Movies
starring Warner Baxter
the set of ten movies on 5 discs - $24.95
     Crime Doctor                                        Crime Doctor's Courage
      Crime Doctor's Diary                          Crime Doctor's Warning
     Crime Doctor's Gamble                       Crime Doctor's Just Before Dawn
    Crime Doctor's Courage                      Crime Doctor's  Millersen Case
    Crime Doctor's Strangest Case            Crime Doctor's Manhunt

The Falcon's Brother                      The Falcon's Alibi                          Appointment With Murder
The Falcon Strikes Back                The Falcon's Adventure               Search For Danger
A Date With The Falcon                  The Falcon And The Co-Eds         Murder In A Private Car *Bonus
The Falcon In Mexico                     The Falcon In Danger                     The Gay Falcon
The Falcon Out West                      The Falcon In Hollywood               The Falcon Takes Over
The Falcon In San Francisco                                                                    The Devil's Cargo
The Saint Movie Set
starring George Sanders
Set of 9 movies on 4 discs -  29.95
The Saint Takes Over              The Saint Meets Tiger          The Saint Strikes Back
The Saint In Palm Springs       His Girl Friday                         The Saint In London
The Saint On Vacation              The Saint In New York           Double Trouble 
Nancy Drew Detective Movies
starring Bonita Granville
Set of 4 movies on four discs - $ 16.95
Nancy Drew Troubleshooter
Hidden Staircase 

Boston Blackie Movie Set
starring Chester Morris
Set of 15 movies on 8 discs - $ 29.95
The Whistler Mystery Movie Set
starring Richard Dix
Set of 6 movies on 6 discs - $ 15.95
                    Ellery Queen Detective Movie Set
                    starring Ralph Bellamy
                    Set of 9 movies on 4 discs  $19.95

  A Case For Ellory Queen                                      The Perfect Crime                                Desperate Chance
  Spanish Cape Mystery (William Gorgan)              Murder Ring                                         The Mandarine Mystery
  Enemy Agents (William Gorgan)                            A Close Call (William Gorgan)             Penthouse Mystery
Mr Wong Classic Movies
Starring Boris Karloff - Keye Luke
Six Complete Mr. Wong Movies - $14.95
Mr. Wong Doomed To Die
Mr. Wong Detective
Mr. Wong Fatal Hour
The Mystery Of Mr. Wong
Mr. Wong In China Town
Mr. Wong Phantom Of Chinatown
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Meet Boston Blackie
Torchy Gets Her Man
Torchy Runs For Mayo 
Torchy Blane Plays With Dynamite
Smart Blonde
Adventurous Blonde

Nine Torchy Blane Movies  $24.95
Torchy Blane In Panama
Torchy Blane In Chinatown
Fly Away Baby
Blondes At Work

Starring Glenda Farrell
Torchy Blane
Power Of The Whistler
Secret Of The Whistler
Return Of The Whistler
Voice OF The The Whistler
Mysterious Intruder
The Falcon Movie Set
Starring Tom Conway On 6 DVD  $24.95
The Detective
Star Reporter
Bulldog Drummond
16 Bulldog Movies - $24.95
Bulldog Drummond Escapes - R. Milland
Bulldog Drummond Comes Back
Bulldog Drummond's Peril
Bulldog Drummond's Revenge
Bulldog Drumond
Return Of Bulldog Drumond
Bulldog Jack
Bulldog Drumond At Bay (1947 remake)

Bulldog Drumond At Bay (1937)
Bulldog Drumond In Africa
Bulldog Drumond's Secret Police
Bulldog Drumond's Bride
Arrest Bulldog Drumond
Bulldog Drumond Strikes Back
The Challenge
13 Lead Soliders

The Lone Wolf
Fifteen Lone Wolf Movies --- $24.95
The Lone Wolf Returns - W. Williams
Lone Wolf In Paris - W. Williams
Lone Wolf Spy Hunter
Lone Wolf Strikes Back
Lone Wolf Meets A Lady
Lone Wolf Takes A Chance
Lone Wolf Keeps A Date
Plus a bonus rare Lone Wolf Tv Show

Secrets Of The Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Counter Espionage
Lone Wolf One Dangerous Night
Lone Wolf Passport To Suez
Lone Wolf In Mexico
The Notorious Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf In London
Lone Wolf And His Lady
Philo Vance Movies
The Canary Murder Case - W. Powell
Thr Greene Murder Case - W. Powell
The Benson Murder Case - W. Powell
The Bishop Murder Case - B. Rathbone
The Kennell Murder Case - W. Powell
The Dragon Murder Case - W. Williams
The Casino Murder Case - P. Lukas
The Garden Murder Case - E. Lowe

Calling Philo Vance - J. Stephenson
Philo Vance Returns - W. Wright
Philo Vance's Gramble - A. Curtis
Philo Vance's Secret Mission - A. Curtis
The Gracie Allen Murder Case - W. Williams

13 Movies On Eight Discs. $29.95
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Meet Boston Blackie
Blackie Goes To Hollywood
Confession Of Boston Blackie Blackie
Chance Of A Lifetime
Alias Boston Blackie
After Midnight
One Mysterious Night
Book On Suspicion
Phantom Thief
Blackie And The Law

A Close Call
Boston Blackie Rendezvous
Chinese Venture
Return Of Boston Blackie

Crime Detective Movies